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Grain Bin - Graing Industry CareersMiller and Associates, Inc. provides recruiting services for clients in the grain industry. The grain industry provides employment opportunities in all phases of the grain industry including but not limited to grain merchandising, grain processing, grain elevator management, grain operations, accounting and origination.

See the list below for open jobs in the grain industry.


GRAIN TRADER ( RM 1771 ) Regional grain/feed company looking for experienced grain trader.  Responsible for trading soybean meal, high bypass proteins, wheat mids and other organic products.  Candidates should have excellent people and communication skills, highly organized, excellent track record of trading, 3-5 years experience and be strong team player.  Excellent compensation/benefit package.  Texas location.

GRAIN ORIGINATOR (RM995) – Progressive Biofuels company looking for an experienced grain originator.  Candidate must possess self-motivation, strong work ethic, ability to go to the country, strong relationship building skills, be a team player, and ability to obtain sales growth for a company.  Responsible for marketing and merchandising programs, sales growth, and overall leadership skills leading to company profitability. Excellent compensation and benefit package.  Iowa location.

BOILER OPERATOR (RM992) – Leading biorefinery company looking for an
experienced boiler operator.  Candidate is responsible for safe and efficient operation, maintenance and cleaning of all mechanical systems and equipment.
Perform preventative and proactive maintenance and keep supervisors apprised
of all mechanical equipment.  Responsible for start up and shut down procedures, safety aspects and general maintenance programs.  Responsible for maintaining
all biorefinery equipment including centrifuges, pumps, motors, gearboxes and
electrical equipment.  Competitive compensation and benefit package.  Iowa

LOCATION MANAGER (RM976) Progressive coop looking for experienced location manager.  Candidate should have experience in agronomy, grain and feed.  Would supervise 3 outside and 1 inside person and be responsible for budgeting, business plan, inventory, inside sales and total operation of location.  Candidate should have 2 years sucessful experience in managing a full service facility, excellent personnel development and leadership skills and the ability to operate a profitable location.  Excellent compensation and benefit package.  Iowa location.

PLANT ENGINEER (RM 971) Regional biofuels company looking for experienced Plant Engineer to oversee EHS compliance, operational troubleshooting, maximize plant efficiency, supervise/train/develop team, and be responsible for intradepartmental communication.  Candidate much have B.S. in Engineering, (preferable chemical), 3 years experience in plant operation, have excellent communication skills, ability to multitask and excellent personnel management skills.  Excellent compensation benefit package. Iowa location.

 COMMODITY MERCHANDISER ( RM 957 )  Major bio-refining company looking for experienced merchandiser.  Responsible for buying and selling in cash market, logistics, inventory management,market development/analysis and relationship building.  Candidate must have ag business degree, strong track record in merchandising, supervisory experience and able to develop a team atmosphere.  Excellent compensation and benefit package.  Iowa location.

COMMODITY ACCOUNTANT  (RM 944 ) Regional Grain Brokerage company looking for experienced Commodity Accountant. Responsible for timely and accurate delivery of Daily Position Report and Hedge Desk P&L, manages month end closing of all futures and options positions, financial controls and monthly brokerage, brought -to-market and hedge accounting.  Candidates should have 3-5 years experience, strong communication and team building skills, self motivated and willing to take ownership of projects.  Excellent compensation package. Illinois location.

COMMODITY MANAGER ( RM 920 )  Major Bio-refining company looking for experienced Commodity Manager.  Responsible for managing marketing programs, setting bids, corn procurement, storage/handling and logistics of finished product.  Candidate must have strong communications skills, strong commodity marketing background, excellent relationship building skills, knowledge of grain buying practices which leads to profitable end product sales.  Excellent copmensation and benefits package.  South Dakota location.

ELEVATOR SUPT ( RM 924)  International grain company looking for experienced elevator superintendent. Responsible for motivating, training and developing staff to maintain competitive workforce to maximize safe working conditions and facility profitability.  Accountable for all operational functions including barge, train and truck logistics, safety, maintenance,operational planning and assisting management team with strategic plans resulting in operation of a profitable location.  Excellent compensation and benefit package.  Illinois location.

GENERAL MANAGER  (RM 852) Leading grain and feed business looking for an experienced General Manager of business units. Feed manufacturing/sales and grain merchandising responsibilities. Accountable for operations, sales, nutrition and transportation teams, developing annual and long range business plans, developing operating and capital budgets, analyzing financial statements, managing cash flow and total profitability of the business unit. Candidates should have minimum of 5 years business management experience with understanding of sales development, grain merchandising, feed manufacturing along with excellent leadership and communication skills. Idaho location with excellent compensation and benefit package.

GRAIN CONTROLLER  (RM 851) Newly formed grain LLC looking for experienced controller. Responsible for accounting and financial reporting, internal controls, tax compliance, investment strategies, payroll and all related personnel related programs. Candidate must have excellent record in grain accounting functions, strong financial analysis, risk analysis, internal controls and overall administrative leadership. Must be a team builder with strong communication skills and ability to develop personnel. Excellent compensation and benefit package. Illinois location.

GRAIN MERCHANDISER/ORIGINATOR (RM 714) Multi-location grain company looking for experienced originator/merchandiser. Candidate must have understanding of logistics to maximize company warehouses, gain knowledge of local markets and ability to coordinate grain movement utilizing effectively company personnel, facilities and equipment. Competitive compensation/benefit package.

GRAIN ORIGINATION (RM 713) Established grain company looking for experienced grain originator. Candidate must be willing to make cold calls in country, office phone calls and assist with customer walk in business. Must have strong people/communication skills, ability to build relationships, solid understanding of grain marketing, logistics and marketing programs and desire to develop new business. Excellent compensation/benefit package. Illinois location.

GRAIN SUPERINTENDENT (RM 706) Regional grain company looking for experienced grain operations manager. Must have strong background in personnel supervision, shuttle loaders, equipment maintenance programs, safety programs, leadership skills, and ability to see the big picture.

GRAIN MERCHANDISER (RM 702) Regional grain company looking for experienced grain merchandiser with rail and truck logistics background. Must have indepth knowledge of the grain trade, marketing, logistics and proven track record in merchandising.

GRAIN LOCATION MANAGER (RM 693) Large Coop looking for experienced grain/agronomy location manager/superintendent. Must be a proven leader with personnel management skills, general understanding of grain operations, knowledge of safety regulations, inventory control, grain condition, rail loading and ability to maintain good facility appearance and maintenance program. Excellent compensation and benefits.

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